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MPS Car Integrated Power Suppl
MPS Car Integrated Power Supply
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MPS Car Integrated Power Supply

MPS Car Integrated Power Supply

Professional car AC-DC converter integrated power supply system
With AC output, DC output, battery charging, AC bypass seamless switching function
Dual battery intelligent management, can be used with mains, close the DC motor and the original closing motor vehicle hybrid power supply
High efficiency, high power density, input and output fully isolation design
Manually mute, battery mandatory in parallel, leakage alarm, anti the wrong switch and other auxiliary functions
Scalable battery pack, battery life ability
Advanced microprocessor control system design, pure sine wave output
LCD / LED-line display parameters and fault indication
Containing battery charging module can be used with 15A DC system power supply
Input Reverse / undervoltage / overvoltage / short circuit / overload / over temperature protection
Use of communication RS232 / RS485 enables monitoring (optional)
Standard 19-inch rack, using military aviation plug connectors, to meet specific vehicle power supply system in the field

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